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Making Change Possible

It all started in 2019 when Rose's friend gave her a chicken coop and a few 'starter chickens'. She fell in love with the feathered cuties running all over her yard and wanted more. She joined a few local Facebook pages and put a post up stating she was looking to add some older hens to her flock. Since she is a vegan, she had no care if they laid eggs or not. Slowly people started reaching out to see if she could take in their older hens.

When the coop was at capacity, she asked her amazing husband to build her the chicken coop of her dreams. They called it The Chicken Coop 5,000...mostly because that's how much money it cost her to build. This coop is HUGE and has helped rescue many chickens.

Chickens come in for many reasons. One person had two hens in her shed and her husband purchased a four-wheeler and wanted the space, one person was taking down her coop to put a pool in and needed to rehome her four hens, a local farmer uses eggs to run her farm and rotates hens every 2-years when they slow down, someone attempted to give her broody hen two chicks and the hen did not accept them, one chicken was found roaming the streets and was not accepted into the flock...there are so many stories we could tell!

In 2022, Rose decided she wanted to expand her coop again and build a bachelor pad for roosters. So many times roosters are posted online and even dumped. She gathered her closest friends and they started The Retirement Roost Rescue. 



Meaningful Work


We take in chickens, assess their health, then add them to the permanent flock or keep them until they can be adopted out.

Virtual Adoption

We allow individuals to 'adopt' a chicken virtually. This allows chicken lovers to feel included without having to keep the chickens on their property. 

The Retirement Roost Rescue is a 501(c)(3)nonprofit, tax exempt organization. All donations made to the rescue are 100% tax deductible.


We try to make room at the rescue for more chickens. We adopt out chickens to the right homes when we can in order to intake more chickens. 

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