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Chickens Who Have Crossed OVer

Here are the chickens who have left a mark on our hears, and have passed on. 


Truck was the reason I fell in love with roosters. He was given to me in Spring of 2019 with his hatch-mate, Trailer. They were baby chicks and I hid them in the basement until Easter morning. I couldn't get in trouble for having baby chicks in the house if the Easter Bunny brought them.  

Truck was the king of the henhouse until he became sick in the winter of 2023. He stopped crowing, was no longer interested in the ladies, and had a hard time walking. He was separated for a month while we tried to assess what was going on. He died peacefully in his enclosure on Friday, February 10th, 2023.

He will always be my favorite Roo. 

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