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Chicken Surrender Information

The Retirement Roost Rescue is located in Vermont.

If the chicken you are trying to surrender lives in a different state, please reach out to rescues and sanctuaries in that state. If you are unable to find a rescue or sanctuary please turn to your local Humane Society. 

There are state laws in place that require health certificates for chickens crossing state lines, and we abide by those laws for the safety of our chickens.

If your chicken is located in Vermont and you need to make a surrender, or your chicken is located outside of Vermont and you are willing to go through the process of gathering import permits and health certificates, please fill out the form.

Our plan is to intake 4 hens or 4 roosters every 5 weeks. This will allow a 4-week isolation period where the chicken will be evaluated for health issues and personalities, treated for worms, and treated for mites (when needed).


Please note that a $5.00 donation for each chicken is highly suggested for administration purposes.  

While we have no required intake or surrender fee, we kindly ask that you consider a minimum donation of $20 per chicken. This will cover isolation processes and help pay for food.

Please include your Instagram so we can tag you in updates of your feathered friend. :)

We highly suggest you email a photo of your chicken after you submit the form. Please make the subject the name of your chicken. Each chicken has an intake form on file.

How can we help?

One of our board members will reach out to you shortly. Please consider making a $5 donation for administration purposes. Please email us a photo :)

Venmo: @TheRetirementRoostRescue


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