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Successful Adoptions

When people adopt our older hens and roosters, it helps free up space and resources so that we can help more chickens in emergency situations. We pride ourselves on providing loving homes for all of our chickens, and we thank those who support us by giving these chickens their forever home.

Tulip, Daisy, and Daffodil

This trio was adopted by Tiffany in February of 2023. Click here to see a video of them with their new King. 

Fuzzy Feet

Fuzzy Feet was adopted by Stacey in March of 2023. Unfortunatey, we recently were informed that he did not come home to roost and has yet to be found. 


Frida was adopted out by Erin, a clear chicken lover, in March of 2023. You can check out her Instagram page to see all of her farm animals!

Adopt Today

To adopt a chicken, please go to the Adoption Page. 

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