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Adoption Inquries

Interested in adding one of our adoptable chickens to your flock? We would love to learn more! Please fill out the form below and let us know which chicken you are interested in.

Please note: due to state laws in place that require health certificates for chickens crossing state lines, we will only process adoptions to those who will be bringing their feathered friend to a farm in Vermont.


To avoid numerous pecking order changes, The Retirement Roost attempts to add/remove chickens in groups. There may be a small delay in the adoption process due to this.


Because we are a non-profit, we rely strongly on donations. Although we do not have an adoption fee, a donation in the amount of $10.00 is suggested. 


Please note that we are unsure of the vaccine status of chickens. However, we do have a strict 30-day isolation period to assess the bird's health when we take them in. This includes deworming and treating for mites. 


We do not currently have a NPIP number, but we are in the process of receiving one. 


A board member will be in contact with you after your form is submitted. We require photos of your chicken coop and will need additional infomraiton. 

Chicken Adoption

Thank you for your interest in one of our chickens. One of our team members will reach out shortly.

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