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Wooden House

A Rescue Isn't Just a Place To Live

A rescue doesn't just take in animals, they also help find homes for animals in need. The Retirement Roost Rescue only has so much room to house animals, and Vermont law makes it difficult to import from local towns. So, when there is a chicken in need of a new home we try our best to assist. Here are some recent stories!

Mr. Green Tail and Colonial Mustard

September 11th, 2022, a sweet lady named Dawn reached out to us regarding two abandoned roosters. They were ditched in Westminster, VT and she had a temporary place for them to stay until they found their new home. We were unable to take them in due to limited space, but found them their forever home at Ruff Riders Rescue in Spofford, NH. They were the sweetest little bantams and best buddies. They are living happily ever after on 11 acres of land full of barn animals. 

12 Unwanted Hens

October 6th, 2022, a gentleman reached out looking to rehome 12 hens who were about three years old. They were eating their own eggs and he was looking to rehome them. Since he was in New Hampshire and Vermont has strict regulations regarding crossing poultry over state lines, we were able to find them a secure home in Westmoreland, NH. They joined 9 other 'older' chickens and can live out their lives happily. 

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