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Intake Procedure

Our chicken intake procedure:

1. We take in 3-4 roosters or hens, depending on needs and available spots

2. We monitor for 30 days and treat for any health conditions and keep them in a quarantine coop

3. We spend time and interact for 30 days to determine personalities

4. We add them to their next coop

5. We deep clean the quarantine coop then intake more

We have a list going and it’s in order of first come.

If you would like to be added to the list you need to fill out the form on our website. We have a team of 4 and we all work together to make this work.

Once we see the form, we will reach out with more questions and confirm you’re on the list.

We do adopt our chickens out to other homes. This is to make room. If you surrender, please keep this in mind. We make sure it is a good place.

Our goal is to keep all chickens alive and healthy.

Here is our quarantine coop.

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