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The Retirement Roost Rescue - November & December

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

What a wild two months we have had here! I have no idea how, but we are officially at capacity with 55 chickens!!!

Check out what we have been up to the last two months of 2022!

Fundraising Efforts

We were able to raise enough money for an automatic door for the Bachelor Flock! This is very exciting and will help so much when it comes to letting the boys come out early in the morning and making sure they are safe at night. We were also able to purchase some new nesting boxes for the Misfits.

Thank you to all of the donors!

Uncle Glenn & Aunt Anne - donation towards automatic doors

Erin Kelly - donation towards automatic doors

Alyssa Hale - donation towards automatic doors

Tabitha Curry - donation towards automatic doors

Tracy Vogel - general donation

Missy Hefernan - donation towards automatic doors

Kayla Matuszewski - donation towards automatic doors

Eileen Muscatello - general donation

Jennifer Leonard - donation towards automatic doors

Maria Johnson - general donation

Jessica Parker & Family - chicken food, meal worms, and a GC to Tractor Supply

Brittny Tyler - FOUR tickets for our March raffle

Rebecca Fortado - FIFTEEN tickets for our March raffle

Meghan Hopkins - FIVE tickets for our March raffle

Deb and Jim Rittenhour - FOUR tickets for our March raffle

Ambir Moote - TWO tickets for our March raffle (and all your help)

Jillian DAbbraccio - TWO tickets for our March raffle

Mable & Lou for having the cutest clothes in Keene and donating a GC!

Brewtopia for having the best beer in Keene (and now local wine) and donating a GC!

Vegan A.F. for being my favorite vegan food addiction spot and donating a GC!

The Good Spot for being the best dry bar and wellness lounge and donating a GC!

We now have cute chicken, cow, and goat earrings available on our website! Here are the most popular ones. We only have a limited stock, so purchase them soon before they are sold out. We will slowly be adding more items, so click here to check it out!

We are raffling off FOUR gift certificates to local restaurants and stores. Each Saturday of February we will be choosing a lucky winner!

We have the following listed to win:

$25 to Mabel & Lou Boutique in Keene, NH

$25 to Brewtopia in Keene, NH

$25 to Vegan A.F. Restaurant in Brattleboro, VT

$20 to The Good Spot in Brattleboro, VT

Stay tuned for more fun fundraisers!!

Chicken Care

My amazing cousin came up from New York and helped me move around some chickens. Punky BRooster now has four more ladies, known as the Misfits, who were outcasts of the main hen flock. Also, Bert and Ernie joined the other boys down in the Bachelor Flock. We were also able to do spur trims on most of the the boys.

Here is Loni in the middle of a molt, wondering why she woke up in a new flock.


Last newsletter we had 37 chickens, and now we have 55!

A friend surrendered 13 of her hens due to personal reasons. We were excited to add Toast, Lemon, Jett, Fluffy, Frida, Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Weeny, Franny, and three without names to the flock. They really spice up the looks!! Here is Frida, who decided to try and roost in the trees the other night! She has the coolest hairdo.

Maria dropped off her three sweet boys to us. We rehomed one to a farm down the road and kept Harry and Hagrid. They are part of the Bachelor Flock and are keeping Kristoff, Hans, Junior, Squirt, Fuzzy Feet, Bert, and Ernie company. This is a funny video of Hagrid being carried through the woods to meet the boys.

An 8 year old rooster was surrendered due to his age and issues with his feet. He has an extreme case of scaly leg mites and will be treated for a while until that has cleared. Once he is healthy enough he will join the Bachelor Flock.

We have been discussing bringing Punky BRooster to the Bachelor Flock and sending his Misfits to the Hen House. He has been very good at protecting his ladies and sees me as a threat to his flock. We have been working hard on becoming besties, but I am not sure I can gain his trust. Stay tuned!

DD was rescued from the streets of Hinsdale, NH. She showed up in someone's back yard and neighbors continued to feed her and keep her happy. I saw a post online and spent a week trying to catch her. Eventually I was able to get her to the rescue with the help of some amazing ladies! She is such a sweet hen and I love watching her get along with the others. Check out DD's story on Instagram by clicking here!

Today I took in a lonely hen who lost her other flock mates. Her family was so sweet and they will miss her, but I always update people on the status of their hen and will continue to do so. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook for her updates.

Again, thank you for all of the views, likes, shares, and donations! I have the space and the heart to keep this going, but without the funds I would not be able to save all of the chickens I have saved so far. It costs between $300 and $350 per month in just food and supplies, so it is very much appreciated!

Please make sure to follow us on social media! I have been spending a lot of time uploading videos and interacting with you all!!

Thank you! Have a Happy New Year!

- Rose and 55 Chickens!

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