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The Retirement Roost Rescue - September 2022

I cannot believe we have finished our first month as The Retirement Roost Rescue! Thank you all for the support and helping make my dreams come true. Check out what we have accomplished this month!

Here are some accomplishments from September:

Board Members / By-Laws / Non-Profit Status / 501(c)(3) Status

We selected and voted in board members! It consists of myself, Cheri, Rachael, and Jess. Read more about us on our website. :) We also created and voted in by-laws, became a non-profit through the Secretary of State, and submitted a 501(c)(3) Status to the IRS (pending approval).

Rooster Rehoming

We were able to rehome two abandoned roosters. Dawn, in Vernon, housed Mr. Green Tail and Colonial Mustard until she found us. I took then and brought them to live out

their lives at Rough Riders Rescue (another non-profit) in Chesterfield, NH. (psssst. don't ditch your pets. Spread the word.)

Sponsorship Program

We had TEN chickens Sponsored this month! Thank you to everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun to create packets for you. We cannot wait to keep you updated!!

  • Sarah sponsored (and named) Hen-Rietta for 19-months.

  • Savannah Sponsored Michelle for 4-months.

  • Avery, Eloise, and Oliver Sponsored Potato Chip for 12-months.

  • Laura adopted Chicky for 12-months.

  • Sadie Sponsored Zoë for 12-months.

  • My brother was gifted a Sponsorship for his birthday for Truck for 6-months. (thanks for being born, Jim)

  • Ani sponsored Pom Pom for 6-months.

  • Travis sponsored Madonna for 12-months.

  • Kayla sponsored Trailer for 6-months.

  • Missy (and fam) sponsored Sunshine for 19-months.

This is enough to cover 18 bags of feed! That's totally awesome!!!!

Other Donors

We had so many others donate money for projects! We were able to stock up our medicine cabinet, purchase cleaning supplies, purchase chicken snacks, and re-wire a new coop that was donated. We still have enough set aside to winterize new coops and put a gutter system on our main hen house.

Jenna, Wendy, Tara, Jenny, Dawn, Erikka, and Amanda - THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you to Taran and Alli for donating the chicken coop and run that is now used as our Quarantine Coop. It has a little bit of history since it was the original run to my first coop. :)

Surrenders / Intakes

Thanks to all of your support, we were able to save five chickens this month. Two hens and three roosters were surrendered. They are all doing great and have been in great health! We look forward to getting more coops so we can take more in. We have quite the waiting list, so please adopt out some hens or reach out if you can take roosters. Rescues don't just take in animals, they also help rehome them.

Monadnock Table

Here is the article I was in before starting the non-profit. My favorite part about this is mentioning I wanted to start a non-profit. A HUGE shout out to Avery for taking the time to interview me and help make the voices of those who cannot speak heard.


Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. All I have ever wanted to do was save the lives of as many animals as I can. With your support I am able to do just that.

I am also in the search of someone who may want to make and donate some swag. Please message me if you have a love for chickens and a talent you think may help!

Stay passionate!


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