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Update on Lucy

Dear supporters,

I wanted to provide you all with an update on Lucy's recent veterinary appointment. Today, she underwent an avian evaluation and an x-ray. Fortunately, the total cost for today's procedures amounted to $189.00, and thanks to the generous donations we received, we were able to cover this expense and have some funds leftover. I was originally expecting surgery only, and anticipated 'a couple of hundred' to be $200-$300 total.

During the appointment, the vet tech showed me Lucy's x-ray and explained that her condition was more severe than initially anticipated. As a result, surgery could not be performed today. However, we have tentatively scheduled her surgery for Thursday, pending the amount we can raise to cover the costs involved. The estimated cost for Lucy's surgery has now been provided, and unfortunately, it exceeds our expectations. We have been informed that we should expect to pay around $600-$700 for the necessary procedure. While this amount is more than we had anticipated, I firmly believe that Lucy deserves the best possible care, and I am determined to explore all avenues to raise the necessary funds. With the appointment already scheduled, I have decided to proceed with fundraising efforts in the hopes of reaching our target by tomorrow evening. The deadline to cancel the appointment without incurring further costs is 4:30 PM tomorrow, which leaves us with limited time to gather the necessary funds. The options for avian veterinarians in our area are scarce, and the waiting times are considerable, making time a critical factor in Lucy's case. Considering the financial challenge we face, I find myself torn. The prospect of raising such a significant amount of money is daunting, especially when I think about how it could be allocated to benefit all the chickens under our care. However, I am not willing to make a decision based solely on financial constraints. I am committed to exhausting all possibilities before considering other options. As it stands, our organization has a modest reserve of funds, combined with the donations we have received for Lucy so far and the expenses incurred today. To proceed with the surgery, we estimate that we need to raise approximately $400. While I am unsure if this goal is attainable within such a short timeframe, I am determined to make every effort to secure the necessary funds for Lucy's surgery. Your support, no matter the amount, can truly make a difference. You can donate through Venmo, which is @TheRetirementRoostRescue. Please ensure to designate your donation for "Lucy's Surgery Fund" to ensure it is allocated appropriately. Time is of the essence, and I understand the challenges we face in raising the required funds. In the event we are not able to move forward with surgery, I will reach out to see if you would like the money refunded. If that is the case, I have made the difficult decision that if necessary, we will have to consider euthanizing Lucy, knowing that we have exhausted all options available to us. It is a decision that weighs heavily on my heart, but we must prioritize her well-being and the resources available to us. Thank you for your understanding, support, and consideration during this challenging time. Your contribution, whether financial or through sharing Lucy's story, can have a profound impact on her life. Together, let us strive to give Lucy the chance she deserves. Stay Compassionate,

Rose and Lucy

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