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Hen House Update

  • We are adding fencing to the front of the coop and removing the back run to allow more free-range access. This will help keep the hens happy.

  • We are adding a gutter system to the coop to collect drinking water for the chickens and to keep the front run dry.

  • We need solar lights.

Rooster Coop Purchase

  • We are adding fundraising for a coop dedicated to roosters.

  • We will need to add a run to the coop for the winter.

  • We will need a gravity feeder.

  • We will need a gutter system to collect drinking water for the chickens. 

  • We need solar lights (in our quarantine area, too).

  • We need 3 automatic coop doors.


  • We are slowly making/purchasing merchandise to sell online.

  • Making a donation towards this will help fund the items that will then be sold online. 

Screenshot 2022-09-09 at 2_edited.jpg

Donations can be made through Venmo

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